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 Hi there!I'm Elsa and am currently working on my first project: Nudist School - An adult Visual Novel! I am a friend of Anna (creator of Trapped in Lewd Mysterious Island Patreon) and she has helped and taught me alot.  Plot : You are transferred to a new school which is also where your childhood friend is currently studying. Its an all-female school but you somehow end up there due to registry error or is it not a coincidence? The school facilities is great which has high reputation and prestige. However there is a catch. Government often send projects to the school and the recent project requires the students to be nudist. How does it feels like to be a nudist with your classmates and your teachers? Would everything go well or will it end up in a total disaster? Find out more by playing it!

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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Android
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure
TagsAdult, boob, Cute, Erotic, handjob, naked, nudist, school, sex


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NudistSchool-0.3-mac.zip 291 MB
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nudist.school-release-0.3.apk (Bug fixed) 310 MB

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I know some people like olivias nipples but you do realise they are the same size as her nose right?

There is big and then there is *big.

(2 edits)

I like her nips, they are big but they make her stand out. they are probably great for breast feeding...

Join the patron for 2 month early access. Release 0.4 already. This is a really bad joke and I'm not laughing.

and he only recently released a bunch of character-arts on patreon, behind a paywall...and no public release

Hey, sorry for that. I am sick. Please check my dev post~


You should release 0.4 for public and then release the next update for patron when you feel better.

Dont worry, the next update is almost done!
And 0.4 doesnt contain Lena scenes. Dont get your hopes up =(
I am currently making the lena scenes in 0.5

when will the next updates be release? I am so into your great Visual Novel!

Anal sex?

Any eta for v4 as it has been well past your published timetable?

good luck, getting an answer...24 days since the answer i'm writing, and he seems to not care

It has a unique story, hope it wont be too vanilla. This game has alot of potential and the visuals are superb! Hope to see lena soon damn that girl is so fine i lmost fell inlove xD goodluck!

v0.4 for public when?


Hi! Probably after 5th update is done or about a month =)

Thank you for the interest and support! =D


a month has passed XD



Olivia best girl



Thank you so much! =)


What a shameless money-grubbing description for a game.


Then why are you here?


This game has my attention, I wonder why, I really don't get it.


You are everywhere x)

Deleted 140 days ago

Dont worry, that story options is only for clarissa, the other girls are all free and it doesn't affect the storyline.

If you don't like Clarissa, then you can ignore it.


This game needs more mini games in it. Please contact me. I have a idea to share.

Hey!! Thank you so much! Glad you like it~!

Join me discord if you use it =)



Are you claiming that having extras for paying customers will kill their interest in the game? Or is this just about those that are not paying customers will now suddenly lose interest in the entire game, because of this one benefit provided to those supporting the Dev with actual money? As far as I can tell, it is us paying customers that are allowing all of the freeloaders to play the game for free. Happy to hear your thoughts.

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I  tried loading my saves from the previous version, it caused an error. I tried to roll it back, and it caused the game to crash. After crashing, my antivirus flagged the game as Ransom Ware and deleted it.

I should add, I've just scanned v0.2 and it didn't get flagged. So it was probably the crashing the caused the game to get flagged. But I'm not downloading v0.3 until it gets fixed. 

Also, for full information, where I loaded, we're having sex with Olivia. And Bailey has to cover for it. This is pretty much the end of v0.2 and the sex isn't finished before the game ends.

Thank you! I got report from others too. I will fix it in a day time


Fixed! Except for mobile

In the garden scene the MC changes position while on the floor, it feels like an inconsistency, though you are probably already aware


I LOVE how the majority of the girls are unshaven and have hairy pussies. Wish more games were like this. Most games most girls are completely shaved and only a rare few are unshaven. This is beautiful and super hot



Ay bro just downloaded the game from the windows grammar fix link, pretty sure you forgot to delete persistent before uploading it or sm cause i got a ton of save files lmao

oh my bad! 0.2 is the latest one. 1.0 is the first version of the game

(1 edit)

Ah that's a bit confusing, but good to know- thanks!


Yea! Sorry! I din realize. 0.2 has more content.


incredibly fucking hot good job. love Olivia.

(1 edit) (+2)

Thank you so much!

Please help me by rating if you can too! 

(1 edit) (+3)

It's nice to see someone do a story which is opposite of most, meaning one girl has a bald pussy, whereas most other authors your lucky if one girl has a hairy pussy. My favorite is Olivia, with Violet a very close second btw.

(1 edit) (+2)

Haha! I tried to do varieties!

Please help me by rating if you can too!  Thank you!

Did you design the styles of pubes, or did you purchase a "kit"?

I already did, and I left a nice review as well.


Here for the dark bush girl! #teambeaver


Me too !! I like any type of bush imaginable.


Please help me by rating if you can too! 



Thank you so much for such a nice rating and comment! Appreciate it really much!! =D

Really looking forward to the next chapter coming out!

Next chapter is released for patrons!
Nudist school Update

Thank you so much for the love!!


I love the girls! This is perhaps my favorite nude render for a RenPy game. I'm so in love with Violet's bush, I love hairy pussy the most <3

Please continue to improve this game, I'll try to donate some :)


Thank you! Don't donate in itch. Donate in my patreon and you will get a bunch of rewards too! =D


If you can't its alright, you can help me to rate my game too =)

Me as well

Deleted 237 days ago
Deleted 237 days ago

Hmm, i cant find the page, maybe its deleted now. thanks for telling =)

the perfect VN game that I ever played, hope you can release more chapters!

btw what 3d software do you use to create the nude model?


Haven't played yet but looking at the pictures I wouldn't be surprised if its honey select.


Very promising, added to library :)

Hope you keep to a variety of hairstyles, love me some gorgeous hairy pussy.

Thank you so much! Glad that you like it!

(1 edit)

Loved it so far! Good storyline, great characters personalities and looks. Olivia by far is my fav, mainly because of her gentle persona and, not gonna lie, the bush.

Also, I saw in a previous comment you're looking for a writer. Although I don't write professionally, I do so quite a lot as a hobby. If you need a writer, let me know if you'd be down to collaborate

(1 edit)

Hi thank you so much! You are a man of culture~!

You can leave down your details ! =D

Or join my discord

Chun94 thanks! I'm putting in my burner email here for privacy, but I'll give you my original whenever you contact me on that. It is sciencecyber123@gmail.com

Not bad so far, but I have to say the "help you out part" when the mc gets turned on doesn't really feel as organics as the rest of the story. It feel like it was forced it some ways


Thank you so much! 

I see. I guess some might feel that way but dont worry! Olivia love it xD

okay :P
I have a question which way you going to take the girls? Like could you only pursue only one of the girl? Or only a few? Or this the game going to be straight lined into a harem?

Some of the ladies could be virgins.

All virgins!!


Hello Dev, I'm a professional writer, if you would like me to re-write or edit your Visual novel for free, let me know. You can contact me at: Matt@hgsls.com

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is this game 100% complete in the main plot ? i ask because i assume it is because of the 1.0 put on it, but i have seen developer that dont know the X.X.X vercion sistem and if it is complete i assume more update will contain bug fixes and or extra story stuff like more girls or and after story ? or are you goint with the X.0 = 1 Chapter of the story meaning that 2.0 would be chapter 2  ? and 1 last thing how much content is in the game rigth now ? like 1h? 10h? 

And could you change the color of the name of who is talking ? like purple for lena yellow or orange for Glory 

going to downald but would love an answerd for my questions 


not 100% complete, I made a mistake in version naming.

yea, its possible about color naming, i forgot about that
Content is around 30min-1hour for now

thank you so much for trying!

(1 edit)

the render and character design as well as the story is awesome. But i got one problem and its with olivia cuz her n*pple is too large and it looks weird for me. Overall, im looking forward for new updates

I love large nipples!


Thank you so much!! <3

Fantastic renders, interesting characters, good story and nice music to top it off! What's not to love?
I especially like how the protagonist is just a genuinely nice and respectful dude. With just some touching up done in the English grammar department, this could become one of the cosiest and most enjoyable visual novels on the platform.

Thank you! I am currently looking for a writer! Soon, it will be better!!

That's awesome, good luck with the project!

Hey there !! Nice prologue, not enought content for really review it. Anyways, Olivia catch my eyes in the game page and i'm glad she has some content in this first iteration. So please, don't change anything about her, she is so natural thats (too) very rare... So good luck for your game and take care

Thank you so much! I won't, dont worry!

(2 edits)

Hey about your nudist school game,I like the concep but  but one doubt have you thought of adding a gender character selection where you play either male or female ,if its male normal sex thing but if you select female then its lesbian theme,what do you think?

It would take alot of time but I might, good idea!

Thanks,I will wait for that to happen as soon as you finish the next part of the game. 

Very promising so far. There is a lot of potential here.

Thank you !!

An editor is definitely needed, BUT the renders are beautiful, and I really enjoyed the story and characters. Keep up the good work!

Thank you so much!!

Hi guys! Does the mac file works? Or it doesnt work?

hi! I just tried it and unfortunately it doesn't work, says something along the lines of i'm not allowed to open the app, same result with the gale trapped in an island!


Awww sad. I dont know why it happened...

The latest release (0.2-mac.zip) worked perfectly!

Very well done, story is entertaining, the renders are great, and the characters are engaging.

thank you so much!! =)

Means alot!!